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Negotiating Prisoner and Hostage Releases

Bill Richardson has repeatedly and successfully negotiated the release of international hostages, American servicemen and prisoners in rogue nations around the world. As recognition for his diplomatic work, Richardson has been nominated several times for the Nobel Peace Prize. The Richardson Center takes advantage of the extensive relationships and contacts around the world to aggressively pursue the safe and humanitarian release of people throughout the world, including journalists, prisoners of conscience and others who are unfairly detained.

The Richardson Center engages in cases of political prisoners and hostages at the request of the families of those being held, free of charge. In case of need, please contact the Center.

Governor Richardson’s involvement helped advance successful negotiations in cases including: Laura Ling, held by North Korea; Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, captured by Hamas; Three Americans held hostage by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia; Journalist Paul Salopek and two of his colleagues held by the government of Sudan; The remains of six U.S. soldiers killed during the Korean War from North Korea; John Early, a pilot for the International Red Cross, his co-pilot, an Australian nurse and five rebel soldiers taken hostage by a rebel group in Sudan; A young American man who swam across the Yalu River from China to North Korea; An American woman who was imprisoned in Bangladesh; Three jailed dissidents in Cuba; Two American defense contractors arrested by Saddam Hussein in Iraq; Release from house arrest of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi in Burma; The crew of the downed chopper in North Korea; and more.

Governor Richardson met with Bolivian President, Ero Morales, to help secure the release of Jacob Ostreicher in December 2013, negotiated with officials to ultimately secure freedom for US Marine Sgt Andrew Tahmooressi from Mexico, and Alan Gross from Cuba in October – December 2014, and his persistence with Peruvian leader, Alberto Fujimeri, led to the safe return of Lori Berenson in December 2015.