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Bill Richardson Brokers North Korea Diplomatic Deal

Bill Richardson, the utility diplomat on the Democratic bench, hasĀ secured a deal with North Korea to allow nuclear inspectors back in their Yongbyon nuclear facility. They also agreed to allow fuel rods to ship to an outside country, probably South Korea, for enrichment. And, the US will receive some remains from Korean War-era soldiers:

In Pyongyang over the weekend, Richardson met top nuclear negotiator Kim Kye-Gwan and Major General Pak Rim-Su, who leads North Korean forces along the tense border with the South.

Pak told Richardson that North Korea had recovered the remains of several hundred US servicemen killed during the 1950-1953 Korean War and offered to help secure their return to the United States, CNN said.

Richardson arrived specifically to head off escalating tensions around a live-fire drill from the South Koreans, and that also worked. The DPRK backed off a threat to retaliate in the event of the drills, which the ROKĀ started early Monday.

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