Coalition of Families of Korean War POWs and MIAs, nominates The Richardson Center for Nobel Prize

**News re: Nobel Prize Nominees / Korean War POW/MIA Advocates**

There are times when we need innovative champions – people and organizations who search for alternate pathways to solutions. Former UN Ambassador Bill Richardson, Mickey Bergman, and Richardson Center for Global Engagement have shown themselves to be such champions, particularly in returning U.S. Korean War servicemen’s remains. All three have been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

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In 2007, Governor Richardson brought seven sets of U.S. Korean War remains out of North Korea. In 2016, the Richardson Center arranged a meeting in Pyongyang between DPRK leadership, Mickey Bergman and the Coalition’s president, Rick Downes, a foundation for the 55 sets of remains returned last year. Their efforts are always going on behind the scene.