Cuban Exchange Project, “L.A. / HAVANA”

la-habana-2The Artist Exchange delegation supported by The Richardson Center

Margaret Alarcon discusses her time at the Cuba Printmaking Exchange. “So I spent a week in Cuba with 4 other artists: Delilah Montoya, Miyo Stevens, Dalila Paola Mendez, & Rogelio Gutierrez and I am still just processing the whirlwind of adventures…. Cause let me tell you, with our boots on the ground once we landed, it was GO GO GO. After a week of no wifi or cell services in Habana, Cuba, with so much focus and concentration to produce an edition of 20 prints in 4 days, using minimum supplies and presses you’d find in a museum, there were many many times i had to use Xican@/Cuban@ methods to work out key elements to make the work happen.

….And I never drank so much espresso in the form of cortaditos in all my life…

With such a rich and amazing art community there I can truly say our “people to people exchange” was truly authentic. The printers at the Taller Experimental de Grafica which began in 1962 in La Habana Vieja en Cuba are badass. It’s clear they inspired us. I also think we inspired them as well and it was truly humbling to be working with these skilled artists with their genius and generosity, especially since they are able to make the most amazing work with the tiniest amount of resources.”

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