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Gov. Bill Richardson’s Statement on EPA’s Clean Air Rule

(in response to President Obama’s Climate Change Plan announcement)

“The unlimited amount of carbon pollution power plants have pumped into the air is endangering the public’s health, warming the planet and increasing the frequency and severity of extreme weather events like Hurricane Sandy.

As a former governor and a former Secretary of Energy, I know that we are burning our future away. Our activities are driving warmer temperatures and climate change.  Cutting carbon pollution from power plants is a necessary step we need to take to address climate change, and we need to act now.

I applaud the President for his leadership in setting commonsense public health safeguard limiting carbon pollution from future power plants, but it will take action at all levels of government  to truly protect our children and future generations from the effects of climate change. Today, with strong standards cutting carbon pollution from power plants, we set out to accomplish that goal.”