Governor Richardson: North Korea April Update

With the continued detention of American citizen, Otto Warmbier, recent arrest of American teacher, Tony Kim, and the banned tests of ballistic missiles, tensions have hit an all-time high between the U.S. and North Korea. Governor Richardson, being an expert in North Korea relations and hostage negotiations, has been contacted on these matters to clarify the escalated situation and provide advice moving forward. Please find his various interviews from the month of April below:


Monday, April 10th: CNN – Erin Burnett OutFront – 1st segment:    2nd segment:

Wednesday, April 12th: CNN – John Berman & Poppy Harlow –

CNN International – “UN: N. Korea’s Moscow Embassy a Possible Front” –

Friday, April 14th: interview – “North Koreas Latest: Former UN Ambassador Says Ohio Man Could Be Key” –

Yahoo News interview – “Trump and North Korea: Climbing the Escalation Ladder” –

WDIV-TV in Detroit online story – “What We Know, and don’t, about the American Student Serving 15 Years Hard Labor in North Korea” –

Saturday, April 15th: NPR Weekend Edition w/ Martha Wertheimer (transcript) –

Monday, April 17th: Time Magazine – “Otto Warmbier Has Been a Prisoner of North Korea Since the Start of 2016. Has America Forgotten Him?” –

CNBC Power Lunch – “Former UN Ambassador: Trump Needs to Cool it with North Korea” –

CBC Radio “As It Happens” Phone Interview:

Friday, April 21st: CBS News –

Sunday, April 23rd: CBS News – “North Korea Detains U.S. Citizen Tony Kim; Could it be ‘Path Forward?”‘ –

CBS News – “USS Carl Vinson Nears Korean Peninsula” –



Monday, April 24th: CBS Radio LA (Listen Below)


Tuesday, April 25th: BBC – “Negotiating Release of Detained American in North Korea” –

KCBS Radio San Fran (Listen Below)


Wednesday, April 26th: BBC Radio “The World Tonight” –

Thursday, April 27th: i24NewsTV –

Sunday, April 30th: Univision –