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Middle East Generational Ambassadors Program

A few testimonials from participants in our Middle East Generational Ambassadors Program

Sharing experiences and knowledge with the group The GenAmb program was an absolutely fantastic experience. The program gave me access to field leaders in social entrepreneurship, business, policy and diplomacy. I got to peek into the inner workings of the Harvard Business School and MIT Media Lab. Last, but certainly not least, the interaction with the Turkish participants was simultaneously intriguing and educational. I was surprised how much the Israeli’s had in common with the Turkish, from both a business and political prospective. I whole heartedly endorse this program and wish I could go back and do it again.

Discussing ideas and enjoying the GenAmb programIt was an invaluable experience. I have learned a lot from different perspectives of social entrepreneurs, NGO leaders and Harvard & MIT Professors who sincerely shared their experience and knowledge on the field of social entrepreneurship. One thing I appreciated the most is the moderation of the program by a leadership expert Peter Ronayne who not only guided us to get the most out of each session but also inspired us to discover our leadership potential through an excellent content of the field. As a one-week executive education for social entrepreneurs, the program was beyond my expectations.  But even more than that, the biggest highlight of the program is connecting “ambassadors” from different nations that peer participants turned into friends & collaborators who will advance the social innovation through a global network.

IMG_5976Coming to the conference I didn’t really know what to expect but Harvard and MIT made it sound like a great opportunity and oh it was! It was almost life changing. For the first time I was challenged with my place in the world of social enterprise and how or where I see my future as a young Israeli that wants to make a change in the society. In addition, the conference brought together an amazing group of entrepreneurs from Israel and Turkey. I was so inspired and enriched by each and every one of them. I am also very pleased with the bi-national network that we created. Cannot recommend it enough!

Social change and leadership! Through this week, I once again realized the importance of leadership in social change whether you are a social entrepreneur running your own company, work as a volunteer or as a professional at an NGO. It was more than inspiring to spend a week with young leaders passionately working for social change in their communities and to witness how our passions and dreams are alike! The leadership sessions, Harvard and MIT courses, dialogues with successful social entrepreneurs was really helpful and made me look from a wider perspective on my own way of pursuing social change.