Richardson Center and the Humane Society to Team Up!

Top level talks were held in Washington, DC on August 17th between the Richardson Center for Global Engagement (RCGE) and the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). The two animal welfare advocates have agreed to announce a partnership initiative next month in support of a new chimpanzee sanctuary in Liberia.

Humane Society and Richardson Center
Pictured (left to right) Mickey Bergman, Executive Vice President RCGE, Kitty Block, Senior Vice President for the Humane Society International, Kathleen Conlee, Vice President for Animal Research HSUS, Jennifer Ball, Senior Program Manager for Animal Research HSUS, Governor Bill Richardson, Founder RCGE, Eric L. Bernthal, Chairman of the Board HSUS, Stephanie Twining, Deputy Director of Public Relations HSUS, and Eric Schwindeman, Senior Advisor of Communications and Great Ape Initiatives RCGE.